C language: What is Statements in C Programming language?

statements in c language

Statements can be defined as a set of declarations or sequences of action. Statement cause the computer to perform some action. All statements in C language end with semicolon except conditioned and control structured. The types of statements are as follows.

Assignment statements in c programming


basic = 3989;
dob = 9839;
frog = 9;
Statements in C language

Null statements in C language

A statement without any character and it has only a semicolon is called the null statement in C language.


    ;      (null statement)

Block of statements

Block contains several statements that are enclosed within a pair of braces {}. These can be of any expression, assignments, keywords, etc. 

statements in c language

Expression statements in c language

These consist of expression and can be arithmetic, relational or logical.

Examplea = 29;b = a + 77;fun(a, b);